EHA Important Rules

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EHA Important Rules

Post by - Âяℓïñ™ - on Thu Nov 12, 2009 5:42 pm

1. The very first rule and the most important one is follow all the other rules Laugh.

2. Refrain from using any foul language, or offending others. We will not hesitate to raise your warning bar.

3. Don't complain about the mods or admins having more power to do things on this forum than you, and trust me, I know it is hard to believe Laugh.

4. No pornography of any kind. You will be immediately banned from this site for a month.

5. Do not host any events (tournaments, GFX competition, etc.) without an admin's permission.

6. Do not discuss anything about religion that might offend someone.

7. Never harass anyone on this forum, or on the EHA Hamachi networks. You will be punished immediately.

8. Do not create multiple accounts. Only create them if it's for a good reason, and you have to have the permission of an admin first. If we find out that you have another account, and you haven't permission from an Admin, you will be Banned for one day, and the other account will be deleted.

9. NO SPAMMING! After spamming for the third time, we will raise your warning bar by One!

10. No Double Posts. If you want to say something else, just edit your first post. After double posting for the second time, you will be warned.

11. Absolutely no advertisements in this site, or any other Hamachi networks associated with EHA, except for tournament hams, dorm hams, or official hams. We will immediately ban you for 3 Days.

Thank you for your co-operation,

- Âяℓïñ™ -
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